So on Tuesday Alex’s bubble burst…

Last Tuesday my sons school phoned to tell us that he was a Covid contact and his bubble would be isolating for the next ten days. This means homeschool, excited little boy and limited work for myself. His favourite game at the moment is a space flight simulator and he is trying to drive a rover on Mars. Guess who has to fly the rocket and land on Mars safely. Guess who gets told off every time his precious rover breaks up in orbit.

Now I am not a contact unless Alex develops symptoms so I can still go to work but I am taking this weekend off to catch up on some reading and some journals.

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I am a very social person and love to read, write, discuss and be a member of clubs and societies. I am a proud member of the Historical Association and of the Prehistoric Society. These mean a lot to me and I enjoy learning more about my profession and my topic. Keeping up with my subject also means reading older books about history and the art of doing history as well as looking forwards to new books. Harry Sidebottom is a good friend who is a brilliant writer. I am looking forwards to his new book, The Burning Road, that has its launch next month. If you would like to go, book launches are always fun events. Tickets are available at Topping Books I believe there will be drinks and nibbles!

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Hello, I am the author of HistoryTalker, Jack Russell and a couple of others. I hope you enjoy my work.

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