Dominic Russell is Historytalker a professional historian working in schools across the UK.  My main interest is Victorians but I keep unto date with developments in Pre-history and the subjects on the National Curriculum.

I have a special interest in encouraging people to research and develop their own histories.  As I was saying to one of my clients I might wince at the Vikings series or the Sparticus but I understand that this is a way for people to get into history and might be the start of their journey into a deep and abiding love of the discipline.

During my finals at university I was diagnosed with Dyslexia which had been a invisible challenge that had always thwarted me.  As I have grown older and come to be more at peace with myself I have recognised that other people are challenged in the same way but are not blessed with supportive universities.  To this end I have an interest in campaigning for dyslexics and developing ways for dyslexics to engage with and develop their interest in history.

When I am not doing history I enjoy being a parent, husband and cat herder.

A few words on policies.

This is obviously my work so I will be trying to make money from this platform.  I will always be upfront, transparent and honest with you.

  • There is advertising on this site which will generate me an income.
  • If I review a book or product there will be an amazon link from which I might earn commission.
  • If I sell anything it will be through eBay to ensure that all taxes are paid and commission earned appropriately.  Historytalker will also donate to a dyslexia charity via eBay.
  • If you would like to support my work you can do so via patron.  Please do because it really helps.
  • If you support me by buying books from my Amazon wish list I will thank you in the review and link to a business or charity of your choice.  My only proviso is that that business or charity be in line with my values.
  • If I review a book, product or service it will be because I have bought it.  If its a gift with a request for a review this will be clearly stated in the text.
  • I like to catch people doing well and doing the right thing.  If I do not enjoy a product, service or book I will return it and not produce either a bad review or a dishonest review.

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