Where am I? Cornwall

Sorry I have not posted anything today. After a horrible train journey down to Cornwall I have been recovering. When I am sufficiently recovered I will be posting about monuments and stone circles. Until then I leave you with some dinosaur teeth.

What am I doing today? Drinking.

Well it’s the Feast of Stephen and snow is predicted for Coventry. I’ve been a good boy so I’ve decided to have a couple of pints. No reading today but have listened to my America West Audiobook and am amazed that America is so interesting!

What am I listening to?

I love audio books. Neither cats nor little boys and stop you listening in the same way that they can stop you reading. In fact you can build a wicked train track or have a cat sit on your lap and your learning is not stopped. I am currently working my way through the Great… Continue Reading

What am I reading today?

You will not be surprised to read, given that it’s Christmas Eve and I have a little boy, that I am still reading Viking Britain An Exploration. I can normally finish a book in two sittings but when you have a little boy everything takes longer! So, two and three! Williams is an excellent writer,… Continue Reading

What am I reading today?

I am still working through Viking Britain by Thomas Williams. His prose is excellent and his knowledge just oozes off the page. I think what got my respect straight away was the confession that Viking history is a live topic with new finds coming to light all the time. His book is not, and is… Continue Reading