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Scenes from Trajans Column

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Cultic Behaviour in the Roman Army; Head Hunting

This is one of the fascinating scenes from Trajans Column in Rome.  It shows an Auxillary soldier holding a head in his mouth.  What it suggests is that he is a celt, possibly from Britain, Gaul or Spain who has been recruited into the army and is now fighting in Dacia.


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What am I reading? York Notes to the Wasteland

I have been interested in TS Eliot for a long time and finally decided to start reading his books seriously.  He was of course a genius whose literary merit I struggle to come to terms with.  I think the it is very important just to admit these things.  I am good at what I do but when I need a little help I ask for it.  I find it useful to get hold of these York notes for a good, brief but well informed overview of why the book I am reading is useful.

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What have I just finished reading? A Classical Education

I have a talk coming up in March that quite frankly is scaring me to death.  I have to give a series of forty minute talks to some ….. teenagers!  (Dan Dan Daaa!)

So yes I am brushing up on my Classical knowledge.  As a young and foolish man I really hated the Classics in general and Philosophy in particular but now at the age of 30 (version 9) I have come to love them.  My other interests include CS Lewis.  I have read everything that Lewis wrote and now with my classical knowledge increasing I can understand him a deeper level.  I never realised how much stoicism was in Mere Christianity or the Screwtape Letters!

I have just finished reading A Classical Education which proved to be a good read, full of interesting facts and enlightening.