“The Waste Land” Open Competition Leamington Studio Artists — Journeys with “The Waste Land”

Call for entries! Response to “The Waste Land” by TS Eliot Journeys with “The Waste Land” is an innovative three year project, bringing together communities in Margate and in Coventry with curators at the local art galleries to develop a major exhibition. The starting point is T. S. Eliot’s famous poem, “The Waste Land”, written… Continue Reading

Hunting the ‘Tree Demon’… — The Silent Eye

* …”Where Hu-Wa-Wa comes and goes becomes a track and all those ways are well trodden. As Hu-Wa-Wa passes through the forest the birds begin to sing… Wood-Pigeon moans. Turtle-Dove coos in answer. As Hu-Wa-Wa passes through the forest the animals call… Monkey-Mother shouts. Monkey-Child shrieks. Like a band of musicians and drummers the birds […]… Continue Reading