What does Victorianism mean?

The Victorian era lasted from 1833 to 1902 and further, well into the years leading unto the First World War. Such a epic period of time, three lifetimes of men and women, is hard to define.

To start we need to do the definition. What do we mean by Victorian. Which of the three generations between 1833 and 1902 do we identify most as a typical Victorian? Is it the country squire, the colonial planter, the urban poor or the aristocracy? Only four stereotypes amongst the thousands who would clamour for our attention.

Is it a question of mental outlook? If so which of the philosophies do we choose? Do we pick the social darwinists, the anti-slavery evangelical, the cockney jingoist or the mid period skeptic of empire?

The Victorian era might be long and might have a number of sometimes contradictory. I actually argue that it defies effective categorisation but that does not stop me recognising it when I see it.


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