A Strange old Door

I like to drop off our old churches as I drive past. My work takes me all over the country so I see lots of different churches. One morning in early summer I dropped off at a Church in Warwickshire. The most striking feature was this doorway. As you can see it is beautifully carved… Continue Reading

What am I reading today?

Today I am reading Viking Britain an Exploration by Thomas Williams. Thomas Williams is a curator who brought to us an amazing exhibition of Viking artefacts, “Viking Life and Legends” in 2014-15. I personally was blown away by the exhibition and am looking forwards to a glass of mulled wine and a quiet night in… Continue Reading


Hello!  My name is Dom and I go by the name of HistoryTalker.  I am a writer, lecturer and workshop provider.  I usually work with children but when I can I give talks to adults. I first became interested in History at school because it was the only thing I could do well.  Since then… Continue Reading