Breast Feeding Meremaid


Medieval Marginalia

Breast Feeding Centaur

This beutiful image I stole from the British Museum Pin Interest page.  I think it is facinating.


I showed it to a nurse who specialises in teaching breast feeding who told me that it was really well observed.  Although the, and here words fail me I dont know what to call a baby centaur fowl? baby? Bawl?, is in the wrong position to feed the centaur herself is holding her breast in the correct way.  So the breast position is correct and well observed.  Its obvious that the artist has seen successful breast feeding and I suggest that this shows that breast feeding in the Medieval period was far more normalised than in the modern period.

My second observation is that this is a very beutiful centaur, far more actractive than the Greek ones I saw in the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge.  I note that her foreleg is held high as if she were doing dressage.  A beutiful horse and a beutiful angel like face.