A fantastic day in a lovely school

My job is history and this involves reading, writing and teaching. Yesterday I had a brilliant day in a school in Birmingham. James Brindley school is a trust that provides education to none mainstream children. These are children who suffer from crippling anxiety, issues around food or are in prison. As I have said in my introduction this is an issue that is very close to my heart and as a dyslexic I can emphasise with all those children who struggle to read or are anxious about their spelling.

I taught two very interesting groups of children. The first group did not say a word for the first hour. I rolled through the material giving plenty of opportunity for them to interact and suddenly after an hour BANG! they opened up. They had an hour to work out that I wasn’t horrible and was doing something interesting and then it was like working with university students.

The second group did not need any warming up. They were hot from the start and very excited about everything and very keen to give their opinions. Again very exciting with lots of questions including “Why are you dressed like that?” Well its because I am teaching Stone Age today.

A lovely school that I would love to go back to in the future.


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Hello, I am the author of HistoryTalker, Jack Russell and a couple of others. I hope you enjoy my work.

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