Things I miss…

As we all know we are in the middle of a pandemic and if you are a good boy like me you have largely been in the house for the last ten plus weeks. Now I am lucky because this kind of thing doesn’t really bother me. If I have a cup of tea and a book I am largely happy but there are things I am missing that I would like to get to see again.

Church Crawling

From a very early age I have been going into church for fun. I am religious but I am also curious and love a good medieval or earlier church. To be honest I prefer the medieval because of the decoration. One of my favourite cathedrals is Carlisle Cathedral. We visited it after walking some of Hadrians Wall and I thought that it was one of the highlights of my holiday.


Now anyone who knows me knows that I never go to the Coventry Transport Museum unless I am compelled to do so. But I do miss going to museums and looking at exhibitions. Long after leaving the museum service I am still a member of the Museums Association. As I said in my previous post about being a historian one of my favourite songs is by the Levellers.


I am really looking forward to performing again. This is me performing Beowulf at Fargo in Coventry. I no longer have the big beard because I shaved it off in solidarity with my friends in the NHS. Beowulf but I also deliver lectures and discussion groups.

Meeting Friends

One of the best things about being interested in culture is how social it can be. I love coming to this bookshop and meeting my friends. You can have a good cup of tea, browse the books and chat.


By author

Hello, I am the author of HistoryTalker, Jack Russell and a couple of others. I hope you enjoy my work.

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